Webinar | Cerebo & Riverbed |January the 27th, 2022​ | 15.00 hrs Ferran Van den Berg 4 January 2022

Webinar | Cerebo & Riverbed |January the 27th, 2022​ | 15.00 hrs

Joint Webinar Cerebo & Riverbed

Companies are moving their datacentres to the cloud, applications reside with hyperscalers and Work From Home (WFH) or Work From Anywhere (WFA) has become common practice. To tackle the challenges associated with these developments, many enterprises are migrating to SD-WAN or are planning to do so in the near future.

In many cases SD-WAN is a great solution for hybrid working or the move to the cloud. In all cases the end-user experience and cloud optimisation are essential for achieving the goals of a network migration. SaaS and Cloud Optimisation can solve bandwidth & latency challenges in countries or areas where the infrastructure is not optimal. And measuring the effectiveness of a network transformation before and after is essential to establish the success of the migration.

Cerebo & Riverbed will discuss the key insights that have come out of the Hybrid Work Global Survey 2021 as well as solutions like SD-WAN, SaaS and Cloud Optimisation & NPM, which can help to overcome the challenges of supporting a hybrid workplace & the move to the cloud.

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