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How we simplify our services with the Cerebo platform

At Cerebo, we believe we should let technology do the heavy lifting. We put our years of experience in networking and security in smart algorithms to automate service and support processes wherever possible. The Cerebo platform collects large amounts of data from our customers’ network environments and leverages AI technology to create actionable insights through comprehensive dashboards and reports. You can access the Cerebo platform via an online portal to access these intuitive dashboards and reports, or to manage your Cerebo services.


The Cerebo platform is powered by AI technology for analyzing and correlating the large amount of network, application and security data it collects from our customer networks. Through our intelligent monitoring, alerting and reporting, you’ll benefit from a highly efficient, reliable and predictive SD-WAN/SASE service.


Why would you need a Cerebo sales person or service engineer for everything? We believe you prefer to perform simple and standard tasks yourself, instantly, via an intuitive self-service portal - saving you time and effort. We therefore continue to develop our self-service capabilities, from quoting to delivery, to performing changes and invoicing. And don’t worry: our staff always remains available to help.


The Cerebo platform turns data into clear insights which enables you to quickly understand the status of your network, applications and security posture. You’ll get insight in normal behavior and trends, as well as anomalies and upcoming bottlenecks that require further action. You can access reports on various levels: from key performance indicators for executives to detailed technical information for administrators.

Platform-based approach

Whatever we do, we keep our platform-based approach in mind. With the Cerebo platform, we’ll make our services easy to consume and as efficient as possible.

SD-WAN Solutions
Managed SD-WAN services

Which services are enabled by the Cerebo platform

The Cerebo platform plays a central role in everything we do. We rely on our platform to deliver our best-in-class services, support our operations and interact with our customers. However, we also believe that nothing replaces human interaction and personal support.

Therefore, the Cerebo team of specialists will always be available to you. Each customer will be assigned a dedicated service delivery engineer who knows your network inside out, and will always be available for questions. He or she will also provide day-to-day management of your network, perform changes, organize monthly service meetings to review service performance and recommend actions for improvement.

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