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About us Maaike Media 14 October 2021

We’re obsessed with service and secure connections

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Cerebo is like a young man with an old soul: we might be new to the market; our team brings lots of experience to the table. We have been around in the network and security game for over 25 years, and we were in the front lines when SD-WAN and SASE entered the market. Therefore, we understand like no other why you’d want to upgrade your network to a more flexible and secure cloud-enabled solution.

However, not only do we know where we come from. We also have a clear vision on the future, and how we can help our customers to keep a competitive edge. That’s why we’ve build a modular services business around leading SD-WAN and SASE solution vendors, that we deliver through a platform-based approach powered by AI technology. But we understand that technology isn’t everything.

We’ve learned that human interaction makes all the difference, leaving us a little obsessed about customer service. We are Cerebo: we put customers first with personal support, short communication lines, and a pragmatic can do mentality.

Cerebo is a privately owned company, founded by Ferran van den Berg with the support of industry investors. Before founding Cerebo, Ferran van den Berg successfully built a one of Europe’s first managed SD-WAN services business at his previous employer. That company has since been sold.

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