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Whether you’re looking for a fully managed SASE solution or support during your SD-WAN or SASE journey; you can mix the solutions that best match your requirements. Check out the service modules and options we provide. And then, talk to us. We’re here to discuss all your challenges, considerations, and desired outcomes, to build the solution that best suits your needs.

SD Wan Professional Services
Professional services

What’s your objective regarding your SD-WAN/SASE solution? What are your technical requirements? What will the solution look like and will it work in your specific environment? We’ll help you answer these questions and support you in setting up the network solution you’re looking for. There are three professional services to choose from:

  • Bespoke consultancy:
    we’ll help you build a business case or deliver bespoke technical support for design, implementation, problem solving, and other activities.

  • A structured proof of concept:
    by validating the solution on a small, representative scale in your own environment, you can make eliminate any uncertainties and convince internal stakeholders.

  • Tightly planned project management:
    we’ll manage the overall project, stakeholders, risks, and dependencies for you, so your project is delivered on time, within budget and according to your specifications.
Deployment services

What solution topology and which site configurations are required in detail? What do you need for the transition? And what hardware and on-site installation services do you need? These questions are answered with our deployment services. We offer the following deployment services to guarantee the right design and implementation of your solution:

A clear design

for a smooth transition, we’ll set up detailed designs for both overlay and underlay services, including transitions from and interoperability with your current solutions.

Care-free implementation and transition

we’ll deploy the services to your location and migrate locations, users, and services, without putting any strain on your organization.

Global hardware delivery

all the equipment you’ll need, delivered on time to your doorstep.

On-site installation

whether you follow our clear step-by-step instruction, or you need us to do the installation: you’ll be good to go in no time.

We’ve created a modular business that is delivered through an intelligent, AI-powered platform, and a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals.
Management and support services
Management and support services
24/7 support

the name says it all. We’ll support you by monitoring the status, health, and performance of your SD-WAN/SASE solution – 24/7. And we’ll proactively resolve any incidents and problems.

SD-WAN/SASE platform management

We’ll keep your solution up and running, in good health and updated with the latest release.

SD-WAN/SASE service management

we’ll takeaway all the hassle and provide full management of your solution so it remains tuned to your changing business, application and security requirements at all times.

Managed underlay
if you don’t want to deal with the underlay yourself, we’ll take care of it for you. We work with 1.000s of ISPs across the globe and will select the best links for your sites, which we will provide as an integral part of the service.
3rd party underlay management
if you want to bring your own or use existing access services, but still prefer a single point of contact, we will operationally manage these 3rd party underlay services on your behalf.
Managed detection and response
we’ll continuously monitor your network for suspicious activity, and detect, contain, and remediate security threats and incidents as they happen.
SD-WAN Solutions
When do you get what?

Since we are obsessed over you, we’ll let you decide which modules you want to deploy. However, you can also decide how we manage your secure connections: we can take care of it completely or co-manage it. We can also help you if you want to manage the SASE or SD-WAN solution by yourself, by offering consultancy, global hardware delivery and 24/7 service. Choose the level that fits your business.

Managed SD-WAN services
Managed SD-WAN services
Solution Partners

We are deeply invested in simplifying secure and reliable connectivity for global enterprises.  But we couldn’t do it without partners. We work with a select number of solution partners that are leaders in SD-WAN, SASE and Cloud Networking solutions.

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