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Use cases Maaike Media 13 October 2021
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When secure connections make all the difference

We might argue that you need secure connections everywhere and all the time, but we believe there are five specific use cases in which CIOs feel the growing need of a secure and reliable network. As with every technology, it could be about cost reduction and efficiency. But as you’ll read, investments in SASE and SD-WAN (which help you build a secure and reliable network) are made for establishing the groundwork for future-proof and agile companies.

Most companies are replacing on-premise applications with SaaS or public cloud (Azure, AWS) applications. SaaS and public cloud services provide much flexibility from an application perspective; however, they do pose serious networking challenges.

First, there is the on-ramp to the cloud. One option is to connect cloud services via direct cloud connects such as Azure ExpressRoute or AWS Direct Connect. However, these are expensive circuits with long lead times. They also require traffic to be backhauled to a datacenter or hub location, which only adds latency and cost. Another option is to connect cloud services via the internet. A cost-friendly but complex solution which does not provide any performance guarantees. So, if direct cloud connects and the internet are not an option; then what is?

Enter Cerebo SD-WAN: we’ll connect public clouds in minutes by simply spinning up a virtual SD-WAN appliance, and we’ll provide optimized connectivity to your SaaS applications via our globally distributed cloud gateways. Branches and remote users benefit from direct optimized cloud access over the public internet: simple, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective.

But it doesn’t stop there. Solving the problem of access to the cloud is one thing, fixing networking within the cloud is another. Cloud providers provide flexible compute and storage resources, but their network and security configurations are a nightmare to implement and manage. This is true for single cloud, but even more so for multi-region and multi-provider cloud. Each cloud provider has its own network functions and configurations, so using multiple providers will double or triple your problems!

As a result, enterprises struggle with the provisioning and troubleshooting of cloud networks, eliminating the simplicity and flexibility that the cloud provides. And as the sprawl of cloud usage continues, cloud network and security configurations quickly become intransparent and cluttered, which creates a huge security and compliance risk.

This is where our Cloud Networking as-a-Service (CNaaS) solution comes to the rescue. It automates and standardizes cloud networking across all major public cloud providers and providers a single, simple click-and-go interface with advanced troubleshooting and visibility. Helping you to boost agility and performance, simplify operations, and improve security and compliance.

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You don’t need us to tell you that cybercrime is on the rise. Apart from increased financial incentives, hackers see ample opportunity thanks to our enlarged attack surface since users, applications and data no longer just sit on-premise. Top that with the much more sophisticated attacks and professional organization of hackers and it’s no surprise that CIOs feel the urgency to improve network security.

The problem with most security solutions? They aren’t equipped to deal with the current sophisticated cybersecurity threats resulting from exposed connections between locations, devices, and applications. Therefore, we implore you to make security an integral part of your network solution. And that you take on the mindset of zero trust: all access is denied unless a user can prove who he is based on behavior and context, not just log-in credentials.

CIOs who want to improve network security often look to SASE: a network solution with cybersecurity build-in. SASE includes solutions such as ZTNA, SGW, CASB and FWaaS. Cerebo does not only implement these solutions, but also advises you on the right network, security, and data policies. We can even manage the solution for you and offer Managed Detection and Response (MDR), minimizing the attacks and giving you a good night’s rest.

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We don’t have to tell you that working from home has become extremely popular in the last couple of years. You had to put everything in place to connect your employees to each other and the company’s assets and rolled out a VPN-based remote access solution to keep everything safe. However, a VPN is not the safest way to connect workers and it absolutely isn’t the most scalable nor best-performing one.

The biggest problem with VPN is that a user, once access has been gained, has access to the full network. If an employee’s device is compromised, hackers will have access to all components of the network. Even if you use firewall capabilities, you’ll expose your company’s assets more than necessary. Especially since more sophisticated solutions are available to keep everyone and everything safe.

Cerebo offers a SASE solution that seamlessly supports employees, whether they’re in the office or at home. We’ll help you define and implement appropriate policies and set up the integration with your identity management system. Also, the solution can easily be rolled out to up to tens of thousands of users, while maintaining performance, making you much more agile. And we’ll provide 24/7 support to monitor any unwanted activity.

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In the modern digital economy, every click counts. Behind every click there is a business process, and the performance of your business processes determines the success of your organization. To survive in a highly competitive world, you need to do better than the rest. But do you know how your digital processes are performing? For example: how long does it take before a salesperson receives an order confirmation after he or she clicks on the submit button in your ERP?

This is where our Digital Experience Management services comes in: we measure the performance of each business application and activity from the user’s perspective, which we  translate into a Digital Experience Index (DXI). We provide you with insights in which component contributes most to the response time of an application or activity: is it the user device, the network, or the application itself?

Our DEM service is a SaaS solution that is deployed across thousands of organizations worldwide. We’ll benchmark your DXI against your industry peers so you can see if you do better or worse than your competitors. And with our comprehensive diagnostics you can improve those components that contribute most to response times.

We also help you to understand the impact of IT changes. By comparing the DXI before and after a change, you can assess if the change has a positive, negative or no effect on your digital performance. How does the migration from MPLS to SD-WAN or moving an application to the cloud impact user experience? We’ll give you fact-based insights that will objectively tell you the success of any Proof of Concept.

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Network operations probably isn’t your most favorite activity. Adding sites, changing a security or application setting and solving problems often ends in frustration: you have no visibility over all your sites. In some cases, you even have to be on-site to implement changes. And quoting, ordering and delivery take time and are seldom errors-free. In other words: it’s frustrating to say the least and it obstructs the business at worst.

To simplify operations, we offer a SASE solution that enables you to centrally manage all sites, locations, and settings, regardless of the underlay network you have in place. Obviously, you’ll have visibility on all sites, giving you the power to make decisions based on insight, rather than gut feeling. Also, security is built-in, ensuring that all your connections are secure and based on your central security policy.

We believe that services should be easy to consume. Which is why we’ve built our services and processes around the Cerebo platform, our automation platform. From quoting to delivery, from network planning to day-to-day operations: you can self-manage our services via this intuitive platform. Combined with AI-powered monitoring and intelligently correlated data from multiple sources, you have all the insights to make smart decisions. The Cerebo platform: IT operations made simple.

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Most enterprises relied on MPLS, provided by telcos: private lines to support your international business, it couldn’t get any better than that, right?! However, the world has changed. And you’ve probably run into some issues with the extreme costs, inflexibility, and the complexity of managing your lines. Also, MPLS isn’t cloud-enabled and isn’t that a basic requirement nowadays?

Especially since working from home has become more the norm, companies aren’t that enthused about MPLS anymore. And CIOs are also demanding higher visibility, simplified operations, and better security. Enter: SD-WAN and SASE, software-defined overlay network solutions. Especially since both solutions can run on any underlay, businesses have slowly but steadily been moving away from MPLS or telco-run services.

As a telco-independent service provider, Cerebo offers SD-WAN and SASE, so you can combine multiple internet connections, such as fiber, broadband and LTE, from providers you choose yourself. Additionally, we can also advise you on which of the thousands of local ISPs we offer best serve your needs and manage contracts for you. However, if you’re not ready to move away from your MPLS, we’ve got you too. We’re that kind of partner.


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