Press Release | GNX partners with Cerebo Networks to deliver worry-free connectivity for the digital enterprise Ferran Van den Berg 7 February 2022

Press Release | GNX partners with Cerebo Networks to deliver worry-free connectivity for the digital enterprise

GNX and Cerebo Networks join forces to provide worldwide enterprise-grade secure networks.

GNX is the Next Generation Global Connectivity provider that specializes in internet connectivity worldwide, as well as first- and last-mile access solutions. Cerebo Networks is a telco-independent SASE provider that specializes in establishing secure and reliable networks to connect to the multi-cloud and support hybrid working through platform based and modular services.

“GNX partners with Cerebo Networks to bring the most secure, flexible and bespoke global SD-WAN network. Together, we create infrastructures that are entirely designed to match the specific communication needs and requirements of the customer, with built-in flexibility to ensure that future developments of the customer’s business will be facilitated. GNX supports Cerebo and its customers with managed underlay services – providing the best possible managed internet connectivity anywhere in the world” says Ivan Minev, Director of Sales at GNX. Cerebo takes care of the SD-WAN and SASE design, deployment and management on top of the GNX-provided underlay network to ensure the best continuity for its customers.

“In enterprise networking, we see that one-size-fits-all no longer applies. Some customers want a fully managed solution including underlay services, and other customers want to do more themselves or bring their own access. Together with GNX, we help customers at each stage and every direction of their journey. That’s why we’ve set up our services in a modular way. GNX are experts in global underlay services, and through our partnership we can now offer the best possible access solution everywhere as part of our service”, says Ferran van den Berg, founder and Managing Director, Cerebo Networks.

Cerebo Networks will provide network management services that will support GNX helping its customers to make the next step towards truly secure IP-networking by implementing secure SD-WAN or SASE global networks.