Press release | Recently founded Cerebo Networks simplifies secure and reliable connectivity Ferran Van den Berg 9 November 2021

Press release | Recently founded Cerebo Networks simplifies secure and reliable connectivity

Cerebo Networks was founded in October 2021 to help international organisations create secure and reliable connectivity. Founder Ferran van den Berg explains: ‘Establishing a secure and reliable network to connect to the multicloud or support hybrid working, for instance, can be much easier by providing platform-based and modular services based on SASE technology. That’s why I founded Cerebo’. 

Ferran van den Berg explains: ‘Setting up secure connections can be made easier by three elements. Firstly, this can be done by using SASE as a technology. A Secure Access Service Edge architecture, as research firm Gartner calls it, consists of SD-WAN technology to route traffic more intelligently and security solutions to make the network more secure. The security functionalities include ZTNA, CASB, SWG and FWaaS’. 

Platform-oriented approach 

Secondly, secure and reliable connectivity is made easier by a platform-oriented service model. By automating the service operation and providing customers with many self-service options, services become significantly more efficient and the Cerebo team can focus on proactive support and complex customer issues. 

 In addition, a platform such as Cerebo deploys can analyse large amounts of data from the network and use AI-related technology to distil what is normal and what is not, and translate that into actions. ‘This insight allows us and our customers to better optimise the performance and security of their networks and applications’, says Van den Berg.   

There is no one-size-fits-all  

He continues: ‘Lastly, we see that one-size-fits-all no longer applies. This means that while some customers are looking for a fully worry-free solution, and a phased transition to a SASE solution, other customers may be able to do more themselves and want to switch over more quickly. How do you help customers at each stage of their journey? That’s why we’ve set up our services in a modular way’. 

Before founding Cerebo, Ferran van den Berg worked for various large telcos, after which he started a managed SD-WAN services business at his previous employer, which was one of the first in the European market to do so. That company has since been sold. ‘We see that security is becoming an increasingly important part of connectivity. That’s why with Cerebo, we say: let’s focus on SASE. It is for good reason that research firm Gartner marks this as the most important development in networking and security.’