Introducing: Kamal Osman – Network Engineer at Cerebo Ferran Van den Berg 14 November 2021

Introducing: Kamal Osman – Network Engineer at Cerebo

Kamal Osman has just started in his role as senior network engineer at Cerebo. He has over 15 years of experience and will be responsible for designing, implementing and supporting customer SD-WAN and SASE solutions. In a short interview we asked him about his background, his new role and his vision on the market. 

My motto is to never give up! If you see a door closed, make sure you find the key! 


Can you tell us something about your background?  

I am originally from Sudan. After moving to Germany where I studied architecture at the university of Dortmund, I moved to the Netherlands for my first job. That’s where I had my first introduction in IT.  

After I developed myself as a Level 3 support engineer at NCR, I worked as a network engineer & consultant for a number of companies like IPsoft, Triple & Pink Elephant.  

 What are your hobbies, passions and motto? 

Since I like to work with colours, I am really into acrylic drawings. But I also enjoy building websites or spending time with my two kids. My motto is to never give up! If you see a door closed, look for the key and keep searching until you find it. 

 What attracted you to Cerebo Networks? 

First of all, the technology. SD-WAN & SASE are my passion. Additionally, Cerebo is a new company, which enables me to take on a lot of different responsibilities and help to define the success of the company.  

 What will be your key responsibilities in your new role? 

It’s an all-round role, it’s not just about being an SD-WAN/SASE network engineer, but also about helping to build and grow the technical team and operations at Cerebo   

Looking ahead over the next year what developments do you foresee in the sector? 

I see a lot of companies moving from on-premise to the cloud, adopting WFH and increasing the use of wireless technologies. The combinations between SD-WAN/SASE & the cloud will have a big impact and SASE is the only future proof way forward in my opinion. 

 How is Cerebo Networks placed to deal with these in your opinion? 

With the vast experience from Cerebo managementthe company will be able to grow very quickly. I’m confident we will be able to attract many customers in 2022 and I think Cerebo will look very differently at the end of next year. 

 Anything else you would like to add? 

I really enjoy working with a variety of people, customers & partners and I’m looking forward to getting involved in new technologies & challenges.